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3 Audios: 1 Interview, 1 Meditation, 1 Training

In this free course, you'll discover 3 helpful audios including an interview between myself and PCOS Challenge founder, Sasha Ottey.

Which foods are high in what nutrients

Nutrition is a large part of PCOS recovery. This list explains which foods and high in what nutrients so you can plan accordingly.

Get a copy of my bestselling book, Conquer Your PCOS Naturally

This book has changed the lives of women with PCOS globally. As Jodie Barensden says it: “… has provided me with the answers, insight and support that others could not.”

Superfoods book:
How to heal your health, naturally

Superfoods are amazingly healing and nutrient rich options I strongly encourage women with PCOS to consum regularly. But which ones do what? Find out in my book, Superfoods!

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